Flawless Complete AC Service at Quikfix Service Centre

It will be a pleasure for Quikfix Service Centre to carry out the maintenance of your a/c system and auxiliary heater.

Air conditioning and heating system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. To enjoy comfortable driving environment, it is a must to maintain the air conditioning system. Quikfix Service Centre helps you in achieving a pleasant environment with an impeccable a/c service.

Importance of regular maintenance

Vehicles with cooling systems need annual checks at authorized workshops, as they lose up to 8% of refrigerant yearly. Dryer condition is crucial as it wears out significantly. Maintenance helps reduce wear and remove moisture. Best time for AC service is late winter to avoid affecting allergy sufferers. A vehicle’s AC system consists of six main components: compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver drier, expansion valve, and refrigerant. Proper inspection and maintenance by professionals at Quikfix Service Centre ensure optimal performance, eliminating airborne contaminants like mould, dust, and pollen. Ignoring warning signs may result in costly repairs.

There are many steps which are as follows:

  • Operational test
  • Leakage and Pressure test
  • Drainage of system and topping-up of refrigerant
  • Air Con filter replacement
  • Refrigerant evaporation temperature monitoring

Cooling is essential in modern vehicles and needs regular maintenance for a long service life. Neglecting maintenance may lead to coolant loss and the growth of bacteria and fungi, resulting in unpleasant odors. At Quikfix Service Centre, we guarantee efficient cooling system maintenance. We use Bullsone Saladdin, a safe and effective car fumigation and odor remover that eliminates odors and kills germs without harmful substances. With our service, you can always enjoy a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle, regardless of the extreme weather outside.

Our Professional Tips

We suggest utilizing your vehicle’s climatization throughout the entire year.

It is ideal to run the system for a minimum of 10 minutes consistently to keep the seals greased thus preventing any leakage.

Regular check up prevents the development of bad smells resulting from moisture or accumulation of bacteria in the filter.