Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs

Automotive electrical systems are continuously evolving and have become more complex. These systems and devices control almost all driving functions; therefore their proper functioning is crucial to ensure a smooth running of the vehicle.


There are different components that form part of an Auto Electrical System; they are mainly alternators, solenoids, battery charging system, oxygen sensors, air valves, ignition switch, connectors, starter motor and other devices. It is essential for all these components to work properly thus improving performance and reducing fuel consumption.


•Below are some signs that might indicate potential problems with your Auto Electrical System:

• The Car won’t start or your engine cranks slowly
• Check Engine light comes on
• Battery warning light comes on
• Engine cuts out when car is moving
• Some electrical components or accessories are not working correctly.
• Your fuses keep blowing
• Flickering gauges
• Headlights are dim at low speed

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