Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance at Quikfix Service Centre

Having your vehicle serviced at Quifix Service Centre ensures longevity, safety and comfort

  • Customers’ requests are fully attended
  • Good quality of parts are used
  • Highly skilled team and best quality of work
  • Proper and regular follow ups are done
  • Road tests are done by experienced foreman before delivery

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Quikfix Service Centre is the trustworthy service provider for all the repairs and servicing of your vehicle.

When and how servicing of your vehicle is done?

Servicing is a series of maintenance procedures carried out at a set time interval which is also called as periodic service or after the vehicle has travelled a certain distance.

It is very important to have only one service provider when it comes to service your vehicle as the service intervals are well followed and specified by the skilled technicians.

The completed series are always recorded internally which helps you as well as the service provider to have a proper follow of the vehicle.

Servicing consists of the following:

  • Replacing engine oil
  • Replacing oil filter
  • Replacing fuel filter(if applicable)
  • Checking air filter and replace if needed
  • Checking all fluids
  • Checking of brake system
  • Verification of tyre
  • Electronic Diagnosis of electronic systems and repairs (where applicable)

High quality of work, trained and experienced staffs, highest standard of parts and trust are guaranteed at Quikfix Service Centre.

Why choose Quikfix Service Centre as your reliable partner?

Choosing Quikfix Service Centre as the reliable partner of your vehicle means to stop worrying about your vehicle. Whenever you encounter any kind of problems, Quikfix Service Centre is always at your service to sort out the issue.

Quikfix Service Centre positions itself as a trustworthy workshop for its reliable service every time with the complete attention that your vehicle requires. There are other advantages such as:


There is no need to take day off from work for your vehicle to be serviced. Once you drop the vehicle at the workshop, you will be notified of an approximate time of collection.

Information about your vehicle

Our experienced advisors will help you to keep track of your vehicle by informing you time to time about the interventions performed, quotations, price, and delivery.

Enhanced Customer Service

A close monitoring is done by our skilled team even if the vehicle has already been delivered to ensure that all interventions requested have been performed properly and to check the condition of the vehicle.

Our professional tips

Service is done every 10,000 kms or 1 year. Always follow the mileage given by technicians for next service.
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